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Awesome Tutorials and Video about Mobile First Website Development in Joomla with Joostrap Responsive Joomle Templates and Extensions.

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Native Joomla Responsive Bootstrap Vertical MenuVertical Menu's, especially the way it is expected to work in Joomla!, is not something that is super-easy to do using core Bootstrap and core Joomla! - until now !!!

This is an easy peasy way to get a responsive, mobile friendly, vertical menu to work out of the box in Joomla

- and all we're using is the native core Joomla! menu module in a Joostrap template .... here's how we do it :)

With Joostrap templates optimising the integration of Boostrap responsive website design and development in Joomla, we have unlimited layout possibility for modules AND increased felxibility for displaying content across our Joomla sites in a mobile friendly, responsive way.

update-lessonJoostrap has released an awesome new Joomla template that's jam packed full of responsive web design and Bootstrap goodness .... and I want to upgrade.

What is the recommended way to perform the update?

If you want to manage & pull in your logo via the template parameters, you will need to add the following in the templates index.php file:

Hey - Joomla is amazingly awesome for building highly functional, mobile optimised responsive web designs for our website projects.  Joostrap.com is the place to get the most awesome, optimised implementation of Boostrap3 and it's excellent mobile first world leading technology.

Boostrap3 is pretty damned great .... but Joomla core is still sitting on Bootstrap2 for the foreseeable future.  Joostrap, and other responsive web design industry leaders, have embraced the advantages of Bootstrap3.  So there's a bit of a dis-connect here .... why don't we fix that with some of the awesome super-powers of Joomla  :)


If you want to add a responsive YouTube video to your Article page, follow these steps.

Scrolling Mobile Emulation

For Joostrap to have become established and remain a leader in responsive web design, mobile first Joomla website templates and extensions, it is imperative that we utilise and promote the leading responsive design testing methods.  Of course, it's always best to use an actual device to do your testing, but with thousands of devices and screen sizes on the market, it's close to impossible to test on every device or screen size ... so as a responsive web developer, we try to use the best desktop tool for the job.  The method we use and recommend the Chrome Developer Tools Mobile Emulation Tool.


I haven't been able to get the contact details I've added in the Contact component to show on the Contact Page from a menu. It will show the image, the position and also the ability to download as a V Card, but none of the other details.

Add Bootstrap Styles to JCE Editor

How do I add Bootstrap css styles to JCE editor?

Bootstrap v3′s navigation has menus toggle enabled by default — you have to click to have them open/show, and click again to them shut (hide).

Wouldn’t it be nice to also have menus open through hovering your mouse over them?

This responsive video simply makes the video embed expand fullwidth and also responsively resize smaller for any device. We just use some simple CSS tricks to achieve this.

You can also see a Module to the right that is available and using a very simple way to include a YouTube video into a module position.

Joomla!® Infographics by Joomlaproffs.se is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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